5 Things to Look for in a First Aid Partnership

If you are an employer, you are required to ensure your employees' safety in the workplace. Working with a first aid training partnership to provide first aid skills to all of your staff is an effective way to achieve this. 1. Group Rates Be aware of the requirements for qualifying for group training rates. There will likely be a minimum group size, for example. If your workplace cannot meet the group size requirement, consider combining a class with another company so that you can both take advantage of a reduced rate. Read More 

How to ensure you’re ready for an emergency medical situation

No-one likes to think about the idea that they or someone they care about may one day be involved in an emergency medical situation. However, whilst it may be an unpleasant thought to dwell on, it's important to consider this possibility and to do what you can to ensure you are ready for it. Educate yourself One of the most frightening aspects of a medical emergency is the feeling of helplessness that often accompanies it. Read More